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(A Project of Shan Builders & Developers)

Shan Builders and Developers is a private company incorporated in 1st December,2014 (almost 04 years ago).Shan Builders and Developers is one of the Pakistan’s leading developing company and having very valuable experience and expertise in construction and development.
They carry out all aspects of construction and development projects, from planning to finish.

Our first and foremost project was the development of MEDICAL SOCIETY in sector E-11/2, Islamabad.

Now introducing our New Project named “ROYAL FARM HOUSES AND RECIDENCIA“ on main chakri Road-Rawalpindi.

Royal Farm Houses is an exclusive project of Farm houses on main chakri Road Rawalpindi.
As we all know that,

Farm houses are characterized as open private land and organized farm houses societies.

Earlier there were no organized farm houses societies and clients used to rely on available open and private land. But now many organized farm houses societies are there which provide amenities like water, roads, electricity, sui gas and sewerage etc.

What’s the use of Farm Houses?

Firstly healthy lifestyle coupled with organic vegetables citrus fruits, dairy products and lush green landscape help to detox the internal mechanism of human body.

Health is wealth, a common saying, Therefore a farmhouse living is an elite living now.

Secondly, Its best from investment point of view, we have witnessed that from many year, private land prices are doubled.


  • Chak-Shahzad farm houses (prices ranges between 1 crore t0 1.5 crore per kanal)
  • Gulberg Green Farm Houses (90 lacs to 01 crore per kanal)
  • Orchard Scheme Farm Houses (90 lac to 1.15 crore per kanal)
  • Green Acre Farm Houses (25 lacs per kanal)
  • Green Oaks (Agro Farm Houses) (15 lacs per kanal)
  • Royal Farm Houses (12.5 lac per kanal)

Means 02 kanal is only for Rs.25,00,000.

Why It Is the best investment to make today ?

Some of you may ask a Question why it is one of the best investment as of today and the answer is very simple.

Farm Houses offers you dual advantage, firstly by offering you a wonderful living and at the same time great returns on investment. While you can not enjoy a residential plot unless you construct a house on it, you can have a leisure of enjoying a farm house and put it to good use through out all the years of its maturity.

It is second to none and at par with commercial investment you can make today and some times even better.


People usually avoid private land as it’s cumbersome to get involved in patwari’s system of Pakistan.

Royal Farm Houses made it easier for you. Land which is owned by society transfer which is comparatively easy and hassle free but when it comes to transfer to private land through Patwari involving registry or mutation process seems fearful for some.

We at Royal Farm Houses would take all the responsibilty in all stages of transfer, from token money to mutation and physical possession of land, we will be assisting our valuable clients to make it a transparent and hassle-free.

If you buy today one acre which is 08 kanal, I can assure you that in a period of one decade, particular land will be multiplied 10 times.


Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has published a list of all housing schemes which fall under its jurisdiction. It includes all housing schemes which are situated in adjoining tehsils of District-Rawalpindi, so this is the first time we have a comprehensive information on all the legal or illegal housing projects operating across the city and adjoining areas.


04 year Payment plan

Plot SizeTotal PriceBookingConfirmationOn PossessionMonthly Instalmentsx48
2 Kanal2,500,000350,000200,000500,00030,500
4 Kanal4,600,000650,00400,0009.5,00054,500

Plot SizeTotal PriceBookingConfirmationOn PossessionMonthly Installment x408 six MonthlyInstallment
2 Kanal2,500,000350,000200,000350,00022,00090,000
4 Kanal4,600,000650,000400,000700,00045,000131,200


As we return to the forum, Anticipating that the growth in institutional-grade real estate will continue to be strong, creating an even greater range of risks and opportunities for real-estate investors.

It is an exciting time for the real estate sector. Private capital is in huge demand for development and investment, yet competition for prime assets is intense.

Never before has local knowledge, specialist expertise and good government relation has more important.

Looking forward to 2020, it’s the real estate managers and investors with the vision to anticipate emerging trends in the medium term and no prepare for them, which will be most successful.

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