Green Acre


 4,8 Kanal Farm Houses


GreenAcre agro farms are located near New Islamabad Airport and China Pakistan Economic Corridor’s main route. On the north east, crossing New Islamabad International Airport, there located is Potohar region and one of the most beautiful capitals in the world, Islamabad. Islamabad is famous for its greenery and peaceful environment. It is a beautifully planned city which makes it prominent and unique.

Being a best agricultural location, this area produces best quality vegetables, wheat and ground nuts which are famous in all over the country. Moreover research on olives, grapes, oranges and other fruits and vegetables is successfully under process from different governmental and private institutes.

Farm Features

GreenAcre agro farms are located at country’s one of the best agricultural locations. These farms are not only rich in soil but atmosphere and climate of the area is also suitable for farming.
With all the necessary facilities and luxurious lifestyle, you can produce pure and hygienic food for yourself and your loved ones. Addition of bird and cattle farming will fulfil your protein needs for a safer and healthy living. Different vegetables, fruits especially grapes and olives of the area are already famous and supplied all over the country.


Support of expert and experienced botanists and farming specialists is also provided to design,manage and develop your farms for best production.


With the help of Future Zone Collection Points, you will be guided and supported to have your production supplied to the main markets of the country to grow your farming business and income.

payment Plan

Farm Plot SizeCost Of LandDown Payment 20%Quarterly InstallmentTotal Installments
8 Kanal26,000,0005,200,0001,733,33312
4 Kanal13,000,0002,600,000866,66612

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